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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Herrington is a " low-keyed " spiritual medium who gives spiritual grief support in her sessions as well as educates clients on the afterlife. She conveys messages from the afterlife to the sitter with the purpose of helping the sitter cope with loss and to also help take away the fear and mystery of death. The beauty of the other side always seems to shine through to let the sitter know that their loved-ones are OK and still know what is going on in the sitter's life and family. She does get past, present and future, however, her main focus is about passing on information to the sitter that the deceased loved-one and the sitter would only know. Accurate connections are so vital to aid in the healing process. Her goal of the session is to have the passed-over over loved ones speak to the sitter's soul in order to help them heal.

The other side works through her in the ways of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairgustance (sense of smell). "I am just a wire or passageway from the other side - nothing special."

Her motto is "that to fill the hole of the grieving heart is what it is all about. My work is only as good as the healing that comes from it. When a client walks out of my office I want to see a smile break through and overtake the tears of loss."

Elizabeth holds a (4-year Business) B.A . Degree from Ursinus College, holds an International Certificate (1-year) from the University of Iceland and holds a diploma (1-year) from Platenskolan, Motala Sweden. She has done readings for and studied language, religion and history with people from around the world such as Russians, Kurds, Icelanders, Swedes, Italians, etc. She studied both the languages of Icelandic and Swedish. After having an infection that produced seizures around the age of 5, Elizabeth became aware of her gift and she has been experiencing it ever since.

Elizabeth Herrington lives with her husband and two sons in Bucks County, PA.  She loves animals and currently has a German Shepherd (Alex), and a half German Shepherd/half St. Bernard (Heidi).

Elizabeth has a new addition to her family - meet Heidi!
On Feb. 25, 2015 at 12:36 AM, our family lost a truly beloved friend, our Shadow. He passed away at the age of 8 to Spleen Cancer. He was such a great dog with a pure heart.
Elizabeth and her family also lost another beloved friend on August 1, 2015 from congestive heart failure. Emily was a 13 1/2 year old Shetland Sheepdog.  We will miss her greatly.This is a photo of Emily in her favorite spot in my office.

May you both wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge where we all look forward to holding you in our arms again!!

Elizabeth Herrington Spiritual Medium

Elizabeth Herrington      215-872-9550   101 North 5th St. (Suite 3, 2nd floor), Perkasie, PA 18944      

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