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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth HerringtonElizabeth Herrington has been conducting in-person private and family group sessions, telephone sessions, and speaking engagements for the past 20 years. She is a spiritual medium who offers spiritual grief support in her sessions as well as helping clients understand the spiritual aspects of crossing into the afterlife. She conveys messages from the afterlife to the sitter with comfort and a loving connection in order to help the sitter understand and cope with loss and to help take away the fear and mystery of death.

Elizabeth has given presentations to local organizations such as Gilda's Club Delaware Valley, The Compassionate Friends, The Center for Learning and Retirement at Delaware Valley University, Doylestown Health and Wellness Center, and the Gift of Life Donor Program in Philadelphia, and the New Hope Metaphysical Society.

The grace and beauty of the other side always seems to shine through to let their loved-ones know that they are ok in spirit and that they still know what is going on in the sitter's life and family. What helps with the healing process is passing on accurate information to the sitter that only the deceased loved-one and the sitter and the sitter's family would know. These connections are vital to aid in the healing process and to help the sitter be able to know and feel in their hearts that their loved-ones are in a beautiful and peaceful place and are happy and well with their other family members as well as their beloved pets in spirit.

ButterflyThe other side works through her in the way of: clairvoyance, (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing), clairsentience (clear-feeling), Claircognizance (clear-knowing) and clairalience (clear-smelling). "I am just a wire or a passageway from the other side or you could say a translator for them the souls on the other side are truly amazing at what they do in order to make the connections to us.

"To fill the hole of the grieving heart and to see a client walk out of my office and see a smile break through and overtake their tears of loss is what it is truly all about."

Elizabeth first became aware of her gift early in life after having an ear infection that spread to her brain which caused short-term but strong seizures at that time at the age of 5 years old. She had also been in an airplane crash with her mom (4 seater - small private plane) at the age of 11 years old that was a very eye-opening spiritual experience for her. In addition, at the age of 41 she had a near-death experience when her heart stopped after an operation and had a visit to the other side which was a very enlightening experience.

DogsElizabeth graduated from Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA (B.A. Degree in Business), lived and studied in Iceland at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik and completed a one-year International Studies Certificated Program. She has also lived and studied in Sweden for one year in their International Exchange Program and graduated from Platenskolan, Motala, Sweden.

Elizabeth lives with her family in Bucks County, PA. She loves animals, nature and wildlife and they currently have a German Shepard (Alex) and a half German Shepherd and half St. Bernard. (Heidi).

Elizabeth Herrington      215-872-9550   101 North 5th St. (Suite 3, 2nd floor), Perkasie, PA 18944      

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