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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect from a Session?

butterfly pictureElizabeth’s passion is bringing through the souls that you would like to hear from. She will always pray first and ask the souls who are present in the room with her to come forth and send through validating information to the sitter. “In most cases, the soul that you need to hear will come through”. However, there is always a soul or quite a few souls who come forward. (Mediums cannot guarantee who will come through). She raises her energy level while calling the souls in so when they lower their energy level the spiritual/psychic connection can be made.

Do not give the medium any information. Do not say names or dates or how they have passed. (Also cover anything you may have on your person. Some people have the names of their loved ones on them such as a shirt or tattoo. It is best to always cover them so she does not see them). Also, Elizabeth loves to look at photos and hold items of the soul who has passed, however, she will only do that after the session when she has had a chance to bring though the souls from a “clean slate” so to speak.

Remember that the souls will come in the order that they prefer. You could have as many as 6-10 souls come in session during the 60-75 minute session. (Elizabeth is known to always go over her time too depending on what needs to be said). The medium is there to receive the information that the afterlife is providing. You may get the exact souls that you are looking for right away and in some cases one of the first souls may even have a message for your living sibling or cousin. Go with it and let the souls speak. Be open to the information that comes through because there usually is a reason it is coming in that order.

Elizabeth likes to answer questions, however, it is best that you wait to the end of the session to ask questions, because again, you do not want to give her any information. Throughout the session, Elizabeth will ask, does this make sense to you and you can say “Yes or No” but nothing else. When you say yes, she will continue on what she is getting. If you say no, she will ask spirit to clarify the link and spirit is usually very helpful in that regard. In most cases your questions will be answered in the session before the end. The souls know what you need most times.

2. Do I receive a recording of the session?

For the in-person session you will receive the recording of the session on a link that will be sent to you right after the session to the e-mail address you request. Make sure to download the session right away by pressing on the download box that comes through to your e-mail on that link. That way you will have it long term on your phone. If you don't, it will expire after 30 days and you won't have the recording any longer. I only keep the recordings on my phone for three months. (You are always welcome to record on your phone during the session as well).

The phone sessions are not recorded. (You are always welcome to record the phone sessions on your end if you like).

lake picture3. How does Elizabeth receive the information from spirit?

Elizabeth works with all her senses such as Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling), Claircognizance (Clear Knowing), and Clairalience (Clear Smelling) She has also taught about these ways of receiving in her Introduction to Spirit Workshops I and II in the past which she taught year round since 2006 to help others open up to these senses as well). She also has many souls come to her the night before the sessions due to the souls trying to get acquainted with the medium before they come through the next day in the sessions. This has happened to her many times.

4. How can I prepare myself for a session?

You need to be emotionally ready for the session and very relaxed and open to experience the connection. Before the session talk to your loved ones on the other side. They can hear you. You don’t need a medium in order for your loved ones to hear you. Prayer is very important and also send them love. Love is an amazing connector to the other side. The souls can feel your love and prayers instantly from where they are. Be open and trust what you are getting. If you come with the thought that the souls have to say” this and that” and you limit the information they may be a little tentative in the session. They may also use you as the link to those living in your life. You may have a few unexpected souls some in and you may end up leaving the session with messages to give others in your life and bring them much needed peace. It could be for family members, close friends, close neighbors or even close co-workers. Spirit works in mysterious ways.

5. How long should I wait after my loved one passed to get a reading?

From my experience, I have had souls come in at all different times and there is not one set rules on this. You need to be in a good place yourself and also be ready to receive the information. If truly depends on the soul and the grieving process of the sitter. If the soul passed very quickly (and could not say goodbye) as well as the body did not go through a long period of illness they come through pretty quickly. If they were ill for a long time and the body suffered much pain and tiredness, you may want to give them some time. For souls who have passed from their own hand, I would give them some time being they can be shy to come through at first and are usually in a very special healing place in spirit for a little while. I would give them 3 months or so before trying to contact them just to be sure. If Elizabeth feels that the sitter or the soul is not ready she will tell them to wait before coming in and give it some time.

6. What if souls/people in my family come into the session who I did not meet in this life. Do they know me?

Even if you have never met your grandmother in this life, she in fact does know you. Your loved ones in your spiritual family group still keep tabs on the children that were born after they passed over. I would just acknowledge them and move on. They may come in to give a message to an older relative who is living that they did indeed know. Many times, if someone is ill or having some challenges in life a soul will come in to give them support from spirit. You will have more souls come in the session that you do know.

7. What is benchmarking?

Bench marking is what a soul does who knows that you miss them very much wants you to know that they are still with you by talking about the things going on in your life. Perhaps who you just spoke with or a trip that you just went on or even what you were just talking about or thinking about.

8. Where does religion fit into all this and do certain faiths have a better connection with the other side?

From what spirit has taught me I feel that everyone can connect with their loved ones regardless of their background. I am very respectful and open to many faiths from all my traveling experiences and have read for people of many religious backgrounds. I would say the ones who truly believe in an afterlife and a have a strong faith in God or higher being or power will have a pretty strong connection. In my eyes, all faiths are equal and no one faith is better than the other especially when it comes to spirit communication. It is the love and the special connection that the soul has to the sitter that matters most.

9. Are my beloved pets over there in spirit?

Yes, you will see your pets again on the other side. I have had numerous sessions where your dog, cat or bird is waiting for you on the other side with your loved-ones.

10. Does Elizabeth predict the future?

Elizabeth is a Spiritual Medium and does in fact receive future information that is usually validated later by the sitter, however, her main focus is connecting to the afterlife and validation is very important to her. She is very careful what she tells people and will only tell of a future event if a recognized souls mentions it to her and all the other information is validated. Predicting the future is a very touchy subject and one has to be very careful about interfering with the sitter’s future learning in this lifetime. However, souls have been very accurate with telling people to get certain health issues checked and babies being born.

11. What if no one wants to talk to me. Will I get a refund?

It is extremely rare that no one comes through. There is always someone who comes through. The souls love to communicate and are usually very excited to come through. It is just how close the person is to you. I would take it all in and usually the connection makes sense to the sitter. If the sitter does not feel the connection in the first 20 minutes of the session, we can try again or Elizabeth will not charge you for the session. This happens very rarely!!

12. Are telephone sessions as accurate as in-person sessions?

The information is the same that comes through for both types of sessions. It is really a personal preference or for convenience purposes. People request both types of sessions, however, she loves the phone session because she is constantly testing herself and likes the fact that she cannot see the sitter. Many people love in-person sessions because she will show you were they are in the room and it is more personal Another aspect that is great about phone sessions is that fact that it lets the sitter know that spirit has no limitations and can be anywhere at any time. There is not any time or space limitations on the other side or with spirit which is wonderful!! It is totally up to you.

13. How long do I have to wait in order to come back for another session?

From a very ethical standpoint, it is best to wait a year to a year and a half in order to come back to her or if you need more sessions. If she feels that she knows too much about you she will refer you to another reputable spiritual/psychic medium.

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