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From many experiences, I have found that we cannot seem to begin the healing process after losing someone we love until we can begin to place our crossed over loved ones somewhere in our hearts and minds and feel that they are at peace. We have so many questions when we lose someone we love. However, when we hear from our loved ones in spirit it brings us a sense of closure when we can feel and know in our hearts that our loved ones are still with us and are ok, then we can begin to move forward in our healing journey.

This type of spiritual healing or alternative healing work, in conjunction with conventional grief support, can make the path to healing our hearts a little easier. The mediumship sessions are a holistic and spiritual approach to retrieving detailed and comforting information that can truly bring peace, comfort and connection to the sitter and their loved ones.

It is the eternal loving souls and God who send us little packages of relief from the afterlife. It has become such a passion for me to enable them to communicate with their loved ones, because it brings hope, peace and a new way of understanding the process of moving on to the afterlife.

"I have witnessed her intense and comforting work with the Spirtual realms and she is indeed a gifted and compassionate vessel of light."
James Van Praagh, World Renowned Psychic Medium
"Over the past 40 years, I have been to a number of mediums and psychics, and I have devoted a lot of time to perceptual studies. Does consciousness survive death? I believe that it does, and that our loved ones who have gone on before us have knowledge of our activities on earth. When I go to mediums, I try to offer no information that they could use in their reading. I was especially aware of that going in to see Elizabeth, because I had waited so long for my appointment, traveled far to see her, and heard such glowing things about her. I have to say that she was truly fantastic, that she hit on specifics, including names and relationships, that she had no way of knowing. It was a thrilling reading, and she gave me quite a bit of extra time. She really is what she says: A spiritual healing medium. I felt a shift in my grief, which had been all consuming, after my reading. I no longer feel that I have lost my loved ones for good. I see that it is only a temporary separation, and that when my work on earth is finished, we will have that reunion. I owe Elizabeth a big debt of gratitude. What a blessing she is!"
Alanna Nash, author of "Golden Girl: The Story of Jessica Savitch," & "The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Presley and Elvis Presley."
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NOTE: When looking for a reputable medium it is best to go by a referral from someone or an organization that you know and trust.Elizabeth Herrington's sessions and workshops are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial or legal counseling you would ordinarily seek for professional advice.  Even though I don't think of this work as entertainment, but as a very healing and comforting spiritual service which is a very important passion of mine, I have to state this disclaimer as "for entertainment purposes only."


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