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 I welcome your testimonials and thoughts for the website. You may use just your initials and hometown, if you prefer. You may write to me at . Thank you so much for your kindness and support!


"I have witnessed her intense and comforting work with the Spiritual realms and she is indeed a gifted and compassionate vessel of light."
James Van Praagh
World-renowned psychic medium


"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yesterday’s reading lifted a weight off of my shoulders that I have been carrying for 3 years since my father passed. Your detail to events and stories was absolutely incredible and breathtaking. I woke up this morning the happiest I have felt in a very long time. I love having confirmation that my dad, and other family members who have passed on, are still with us everyday. Thank you, so much!"
Nicole, Lansdale, 05/13/21

"Several years ago, our family and friends were devastated by the sudden death of my son. Sorrow and disbelief seemed to be all we had left. For months, even a slight smile was not part of anyone’s day. Friends and neighbors tried to brighten our lives, bereavement clubs welcomed us in, and on and on, but nothing eased our sorrow.

Months later, a friend told my son’s brother about Elizabeth Herrington. This friend and his wife were full of gratitude for Elizabeth Herrington’s ability to help them to accept the death of their son and move on with their lives. The strange thing was that this gentleman/father was a “Doubting Thomas” type person and never believed anything was real until he had seen it. He only agreed to go to Elizabeth for a reading because his wife was in agony and he had tried everything else to save her. They were both astounded by Elizabeth’s session.

My son, also a “Doubting Thomas” type, convinced me to go for a reading with Elizabeth. I am so grateful to God that we found her, and she was willing to clarify so much for us. During our first session with Elizabeth, she changed our lives for the better forever. Recently there was yet another heartbreaking death in the family. Once again, Elizabeth helped us to accept and understand this sad fact of our lives, and to rejoice in the positive aspects we and our beloved one’s experience.

Elizabeth Herrington is a lovely lady with impeccable good manners and a genuinely nice sense of humor. She is humble, kind, and has a sweet nature. Elizabeth Herrington has shared her astounding gift with our family in a loving, patient and utterly amazing way. We are forever grateful."
Kathleen Moore, 04/17/21

Over the past 40 years, I have been to a number of mediums and psychics, and I have devoted a lot of time to perceptual studies. Does consciousness survive death? I believe that it does, and that our loved ones who have gone on before us have knowledge of our activities on earth. When I go to mediums, I try to offer no information that they could use in their reading. I was especially aware of that going in to see Elizabeth, because I had waited so long for my appointment, traveled far to see her, and heard such glowing things about her. I have to say that she was truly fantastic, that she hit on specifics, including names and relationships, that she had no way of knowing. It was a thrilling reading, and she gave me quite a bit of extra time. She really is what she says: A spiritual healing medium. I felt a shift in my grief, which had been all consuming, after my reading. I no longer feel that I have lost my loved ones for good. I see that it is only a temporary separation, and that when my work on earth is finished, we will have that reunion. I owe Elizabeth a big debt of gratitude. What a blessing she is!
Alanna Nash, author of “Golden Girl: The Story of Jessica Savitch,” & “The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Presley and Elvis Presley.” 08/29/20

In 1996, I received a call from one of my agents to do a 'high profile Christmas gig' on the upper east side of Manhattan. Having done work for this agent before I knew this could be anyone from Madonna to a crown prince of Saudi Arabia (for that gig I changed my name to 'Faisal Mohammed'). It turned out to be Jean Kennedy Smith, the President's sister. Sheila and I arrived at the gig, flashing a ‘do you believe this!!’ look at each other as the guests assembled in the living room. Jean introduced herself and her family to us including son Patrick. As we looked out into the audience I saw George Mitchell, former Senator of Maine and US Special Envoy, legendary actress Lauren Bacall and other luminaries. I ‘volunteered’ George Mitchell for a routine. He was gracious and had a great sense of humor. As you can imagine, my heart beat faster for this gig but it went very well. The Kennedy's were completely ingratiating and offered Sheila and I food and drink after the show. The kids huddled around us excitedly asking endless questions. I will never forget this experience. Sheila and I felt like we were connected however tenuously to history. Sometime after Sheila passed I went to the amazing medium Elizabeth Herrington. With absolutely no mention of this gig on the internet or elsewhere, Elizabeth said to me ‘Sheila is asking me to tell you she’s so proud of you for the time we worked with the Kennedy family’. My jaw is still dropped open in amazement - first at my wife’s incredible ‘validation’ of her presence in spirit, and that she and I were lucky enough to have shared this amazing evening together - with the Kennedy’s.
Ken Levy, Brooklyn (8/20/20)

I had a meeting with Elizabeth in February. She not only got everything correct about the passed loved ones she was able to connect with, she got their personalities spot on as well. She brought up very specific events that have happened since each of their passing, validating they are very much still around. Elizabeth was able to connect with my mommom, whom no other medium I've met with had brought up before with me. Missing her for 13 years now, being able to connect with her through Elizabeth has absolutely made my year, my life even. Now it is September and, selfishly, I was holding off on writing this to see if something came true. During the reading Elizabeth kept saying the 21st, around August, and bringing up my stepbrothers name saying there was something big happening and everyone on the other side, they were chatting up a storm about it, very excited. Not long before my reading my family found out that my stepbrother was expecting. They had not yet gone to the doctor to officially confirm, find out how far along, a due date, etc (and when they did, they were a good bit off from how far they guessed). Nothing had been mentioned to anyone outside of the family, still absolutely too early to say anything. Yesterday was Sept 21 and they were admitted to the hospital, having the baby. Officially born on the 22nd but it all started on the 21st. Thank you, Elizabeth for not only assisting me in winning the baby pool for birthday guesses but for the closure and support you brought to me from the other side.
M. Hammond (9/22/18)

"I am a 50 year old father of two grown sons and the husband of a firm believer in the afterlife. A few years ago, I would have considered myself a healthy skeptic of the afterlife.  Certainly not religious, but aware that in this huge universe there was an explanation for the start of it all that I just couldn't reconcile. With the sudden and tragic death of our 22 year old son, I absorbed all of the spiritual books I could find to release some of my grief and replace it with the mindset that one day I would see my son again.  As you could imagine, my dose of spirituality came in the form of reading the multitude of mediums who have attracted large followings through written page as well as large group readings.  I began to see firsthand the healing that could be achieved with accurate validations from crossed over loved ones."

"My wife and I have had both phone and direct readings from several mediums ranging from not so good to tremendously accurate and healing.  Elizabeth gave us a phone reading that boarders on the unbelievable as she brought to us our beloved son.  She not only validated his physical characteristics but also his personality and interests as well with stunning clarity and accuracy.  However, what drove it home for me was that she identified a memorial tattoo I got on my upper arm that I'm certain only 6 people on this planet are aware of and fewer have seen it.  With Elizabeth, I felt like I was in the presence of my son.  So my recommendation for the struggling skeptic who needs healing, is to get on Elizabeth's waiting list, for however long it takes, and wait for her to bring to you your loved ones who have crossed over and are anxious to communicate with you."
Mike G.

"Was at the Church today for the funeral of a high school classmates husband. I got talking with the pastor about a variety of things and then our attention turned back to N.  the deceased. It was then that the pastor explained to me that you were instrumental in helping him cross over. How does one ever thank you for that? You provided a gift to a person which in turn helped his wife, son and extended family. You continue to amaze me! Many people have your similar gift, but it is how YOU use it and how kind and compassionate you are. For most people, death is a terrifying thought and can cause great pain, anguish, anxiety, depression and sadness just to name a few. However, the peace you are able to bring into one's life if they are open to it is a heavenly gift. I am glad God chose you!  Have a wonderfully peaceful day!"
S.S., Reiglesville, PA

"I've had the opportunity in life to sit with many people for an hour or so of time, but I must admit that the two sessions I have spent with Elizabeth were perhaps the most comforting and enlightening two hours of timein my recent memory.

Elizabeth's gift of reading energies and communicating with our loved ones who have passed from this life is a powerful and mysterious one to witness. Unlike other mediums that I have watched or learned about, Elizabeth is genuine. There is no show to spending time with her and obviously nothing is rehersed. Both in reading individuals and places, I have found her ability to unfold details, dates, and names to be quite accurate, but even more so, she has a way of teaching reassurance that the end of our mortal lives is not a finite end, but a change to something different.

I have referred her to several of my friends and have even had the opportunity to watch her do a reading witha family. The comfort she brings is truly a blessing, and each person I have referred her to has shared that their experience was positive and interesting.

I feel lucky to have crossed paths with her and believe that anyone who could spend even just a short amount of time with her would find it memorable and uplifting."
Pastor Jeffrey A. Wargo
United Church of Christ, Rieglesville, PA
Author of "Ghosts in the Ville"

Elizabeth...I just had to tell you...Thank you very very much for all the peace you have given to me since our reading on Thursday. I never went to anything like that...was scared to be honest....but I am in awe of your ability to communicate with the deceased, but also your caring in wanting to pass the information on. I have not had any success in getting my husband to open his mind to this. I guess I will just have to let his dad and son work on him, because I just do not know how to convince him to even listen to the recording. He asked a few questions, and I told him there is a recoding he should listen to when he was ready. I keep it on my desk for him to get to when I am not home (sneaky, I know)  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea what that reading has done for me.
J. B., Phillipsburg, NJ

My family and I really want to thank you for meeting with us last Thursday. The experience was really so helpful for us - Bill and I actually felt a sense of peace that we hadn't felt since our son passed. Jenna and Billy each felt some closure - neither had had any prior to our meeting. You gift is amazing. Thank you again.


Dear Elizabeth,
I am just sending you a big THANK YOU!! Our family session today (01/03/2012) was everything and more. My family and I appreciated every bit of time you took with us to bring our family thru. We have so many wonderful feelings, going on right now, and closure too. Thank you again; you were so patient and caring. I know I will set up another appointment with you in the future! :) Much thanks to you for everything!!! With gratitude and appreciation,
Lisa R., Family Session

Dear Elizabeth,
Words cannot express what you have given to my mother and I. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for yesterday's telephone reading. I am sure you must hear this all the time, but you brought my mother and I so much peace and joy. Thank you doesn't seem enough. May your gift continue to bring peace and joy to all you meet. With warm affection,

Barbara and Linda, Florence, New Jersey

Hi Elizabeth,
My parents Susan and Jimmy came to see you for a reading on June 29th. I had the privilege of listening to a recording of their reading today. My brother Eric communicated with you. I just want you to know that you named his friends, my husband, my grandparents, my son with 100 percent accuracy. You thought you needed a name for my son, but we call him "D" most of the time so that was perfect. Your description of my brothers looks, personality, feelings, and what happened to cause him to pass were also right on. My parents gave you no info, and everything you said would be exactly as I his sister would describe him. You even got his exact name. You gave a "benchmark" about a contact I had with an old friend. Only my husband knew about that, and it happened just about two weeks ago. THE BEST part was you said he liked birds especially hawks. I had a daughter less than a year after Eric passed, so I wanted to name her in a way to honor his memory. Anyway, I had thought to find a name with the meaning Hawk because I remember as a kid driving upstate with my family and Eric always looking to spot hawks. I came up with the name Keaton. Then I found out I was having a girl and named her Erica.

I feel like you gave my family such detail with such accuracy that I really want to thank you so much because his passing has been really hard for us. He was my only sibling, and I now have parents who lost a son and they are trying to be happy but never are 100%. I think you have given us all a better way to cope knowing that he really is still around. We knew it already because we get signs, but nothing can replace the kind of communication that you provided for us. Other mediums have given info somewhat accurate but never in such personal detail like you. And everything about him was so accurate it would be like me sitting there telling you exactly what to say to them. Words cannot express the awe I have for your gift. Your gift is a blessing for those who get to share it with you , it really does ease some of the pain this lifetime threw at us. So, thank you so much again, and god bless you for helping me and my family.
S. H. New York City

Dear Elizabeth,
You are beyond amazing, and at the same time are beautifully humble. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the energy, truth, gentleness, kindness, and purity that you poured into our session with you today.

As I often told Scott, he was my masterpiece. His strength, kindness, warmth, wisdom, wit, and unconditional love of friends and family were attributes anyone would admire. You connected with a truly beautiful soul today. Everyone who knew Scott loved Scott.

We are all exhausted, and we were just the audience. The energy you expended to connect us with loved ones was enormous, and your work is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Scott is a gorgeous spirit. On Earth he was everything anyone ever wanted to be. Towards the very end of his life, the last two years, life failed him. He was dealt a bad hand, but managed to overcome whatever bio-chemical problems he had until they overwhelmed him.

I think Scott is as grateful to you as we are for your sharing your gift with us. God bless you and your family.

Dear Elizabeth:
Thank you for the clear and detailed messages you brought through during my Dec. 7th session with you.  Your friendly, warm, and humble personality made the reading fun, as well as comforting and informative.  Because I already knew that my loved ones are "alive and well" on the other side, to be honest I wondered if the reading would be a worthwhile experience for me.  Was it ever!  Without ever voicing the questions to you, I received answers to things I have wondered about for years, and validations for other things that I thought or felt, but about which I had no objective proof.

One of the biggest thrills for me came right at first when you brought me a message from my beloved little bichon frise dog!  You had no information about me except my name and phone number, yet here you were describing this "young fellow" who was "short and stocky" in build and "not [my] child, but like [my] child."  You gave many details of his life and sickness and reassured me that he is with his daddy (my husband) now and quite well and happy.  This little 4-year-old dog was so bonded to my husband that when my husband passed, little Jakey's chronic illness got worse and worse and no matter what my vet and I tried to do to keep him alive, he died a few weeks after my husband did.  I remember telling others that first I couldn't keep my husband alive, and then I couldn't keep his dog alive.  Obviously, I never had either of those powers, but grief isn't always logical.  Nevertheless, hearing from Jakey, as well as from my husband, brought me deep healing.

I was also tickled when one of my ancestors, a Presbyterian minister who was beheaded in Glasgow, Scotland in 1690 came through!  I'd heard that if we know our ancestors and can validate them, sometimes they will "pop in" to let us know they're around, and I'd commented to my husband (before he passed) how "cool" that would be...  but I never expected it to happen to me.  It was just a fun touch-in to reaffirm that we really do have quite an extensive cadre of loved ones watching over and supporting us.

Yours is the 5th reading I've had in my life - all in the last 20 years, and all from well-respected Light-filled and renowned readers - and yours was the most detailed and most "on-spot."  Perhaps some of that is that my energy was better able to receive the information at this time, but I believe the primary reason is your ability and your sincere effort to maintain yourself as a humble vessel, a high-vibration messenger for those from the Light who have messages for your sitters. 

Just out of curiosity, I decided to count the number of souls or statements that you brought through (your ability to get names is amazing!) that I can verify.  The total for my one-hour reading is 171 accurate statements!!!  In addition, there were 7 things that I'm still not sure about but have an idea they may turn up soon.  Not a bad "batting average"!!!  LOL  My friend and I will definitely be back next year.  No, a reading does not "cure" grief.  We will always miss having our loved ones here with us to share life with us the way we remember...  But it sure is comforting and encouraging to hear directly from some of those loved ones once in awhile!!!  Thank you so much for facilitating this for so many folks. 

To anyone who wonders if it's worth the long wait for a reading with Elizabeth, my answer is to just be glad the wait isn't five times as long, and get your appointment made as soon as possible!  As long as you come to your meeting with Elizabeth with an open mind and heart and no expectations other than that Spirit will bring through the messages you need to hear, you will definitely not be disappointed.  You can trust Elizabeth.  She's a genuine example of WSIWYG (what you see - on her website -  is what you get).

Thank you once again, Elizabeth.  Your Light embraces and lifts us all.

Patricia Walton, Paoli, Pennsylvania

My sister Joanne and I want to thank you so much for our reading on November 28, 2009. Our mother passed 3 months ago and this was our first holiday without her.  It was so comforting to know that she passed to the other side with such peace and grace and is so happy  on the other side. Although my mothers passing has affected all 6 siblings this holiday season,  I thought this reading would be especially therapeutic to my sister Joanne as my mothers passing has been very difficult for her.  I was correct, as we not only connected with my mom we also connected to my Dad which passed 6 years ago, which this scheduled session was original booked for with my Mom in late Nov 2008. My sister and I both cried and laughed at the information you provided to us, as you said my Dad was the one that wanted to do all the talking.  Amazing enough , he always used that wording when Mom tried to chat, always wanted to be the boss.   That in itself made us true believers that you connected to both our  father and mother as  the fact that the continue communication of the wording they used "paraphrasing" is exactly how my parents would have spoken when they were here amongst the living. Several relatives you noted where "dead on" no pun intended, and the fact that my Dad told you how he passed and what bothered him medically most, blew us away.  There is no way anyone except family members would know that. It was exactly how he explained it to us right up till the end.   I especially want to thank God for gracing you with such a wonderful gift Elizabeth, God  has made you his  instrument to settle the grieving souls left behind  and to ease our fear as we all prepare our souls for the eternal journey someday.
Thank you again and Happy Holiday to you and your family.
Janet A. McGrath, Oxford , MA

Hi Elizabeth,
I want to thank you for a fantastic class. I'm so grateful my daughter could come with me. Watching you with others reinforced the reality of the reading you gave me a while ago. I especially loved that the spirit went first to the woman who's body language indicated she believed the least. Her expression of wonderment was priceless when she realized the afterlife is real and our loved ones can spend time with us!!


Dear Elizabeth,
I wanted to thank you again for our meeting yesterday. It exceeded both mine and my husband's expectations. It was very helpful for my husband in his grieving process. Thank you.


Dear Elizabeth,
My family and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting you and sharing in  your gift of the spirits.  You brought us much validation and restored our faith in the afterlife.  It's funny how things came to us after the meeting .... and my Mom, the biggest skeptic, was totally blown away when you mentioned about my son missing her cooking (out of the 5 of us) and especially the macaroni and cheese ~~~  not a typical favorite of a 21 yr old but it sure was his.  She said she nearly fell off the chair !   Too funny.  Your gift gave us a lot to think about  and appreciate and we thank you for sharing your gift with us.   We  can't wait to listen to the tape again! Hugs!

Lori & Family, PA

Hi Elizabeth,
 I wanted to thank you for your kindness, compassion, and patience with me and Gerri last Thursday. Your session was an enlightening, heart-felt experience for which I will always be grateful. You went far and beyond the call of duty to comfort me and lessen my grief of my dear mother Janet's passing. Your description of her physical appearance was dead on, and the information you relayed to me about my other family members and friends that had passed on were things only I and they would know about. Your description of our family sheltie "Buddy"  really blew me away. I and Gerri have listened to the tape of our session that you provided twice, and each time we pick up a little more info about loved ones and acquaintances from our past.
I will definetly reschedule again in the future for a "revisit" with my parents and friends within the next year. Again many thanks for the patience, compassion and uplifiting info you passed to us both. You truly are blessed. Be well.

Gary, NJ

Dear Elizabeth,
In the spring of 2008 I had a long-awaited reading with you.  I wanted to let you know how touched I was with so many of the things you told me.  While I have been in a good place about the passing of people in my  life, I wanted to receive validation that they are fine and with your accurate, detailed information (right down to a pet's name), I received that validation.

I had brought someone with me to that reading and, ironically, half the reading turned out to be for a relative of that person.  That, almost above all else, was the greatest gift of the reading.  Here was a person, simply accompanying me, who received the most important validations of all for another person who needed to hear many of the things you said.  Your messages were so specific, including words that the person who had passed over used himself during his lifetime. Thank you and God bless you for everything you do.
A.G., New York

I accompanied my friend Karen to your office yesterday (1/12/09) and was thrilled at your abilities.  Not necessarily astounded because, as I told you, "the spiritual" is quite common in my family.  I was happy that so many of the things you spoke of to Karen (and also to me) were "spot on" as I know Karen needs reassurance of her sister's well being.  I personally was comforted to have reinforced my own belief that those who have crossed over are not gone from us, but are all around us.

I have one of those tear off calendars in my office and wanted to share with you the message that was printed for yesterday (while we were with you) January 12, 2009.  It reads as follows:

"How kind you were to open the Gates of Heaven and give me that little glimpse of Paradise." Thank you again.
JS, Fox Chase Cancer Center

It has been days since my reading I cannot tell you how much joy and peace you have brought to me. I don't know how to thank you enough for the work you do. You have given me such peace - so many questions that were un-answered. I was so lost with the death of my mother and son (he was just a baby when he passed).  I still love and miss them so much.  I know they will always be a part of me. I cannot begin to explain the feelings that I had after my session with you. That hour went by so quickly. You had filled me with so much information in such a short time. After we left, we listen again and again to the tape. I cannot believe that I missed the connection with some names that you gave me.  I listen to the tape of the reading and I find myself at a loss for words. The information was so accurate and honest! The people’s names you mentioned, date and places. My husband is not a believer in spirits but after meeting with you and the things you had told him definitely has changed his mind.

You are a gift from GOD!  I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind that you have given me. God Bless you.
Kim Christy (Peterson) of National Park, NJ

Dear Elizabeth,
I have had many phone and in person readings by other people over the past twelve years, but the phone reading I had with you on May 13, 2008 was by far the best and most accurate I have ever had. For one solid hour, I listened, cried, laughed and remembered people and times tucked away in my memory spanning many years. I could not believe that you could mention first names of not only people in my life, but of pets also. Both of those were something no other psychic had even done. It's no wonder you came highly recommended to me, and now I am doing the same.

I just hope that there is something in your life which brings you as much happiness as your gift brings to us. God Bless You,
Carol Spagnoli

Dear Elizabeth,
I think of you often and have meant to write you about how much I appreciate the profound selflessness of you in using your gift to help others. So much good has resulted since you approached me at the end of your spiritual workshop last year with the message from my childhood friend Tim that his wife and children "were in danger". As you may recall, I had not seen Tim in 20 years and did not know he even had a wife and  2 children. As you know, I was able to track them down and, indeed, they were in danger.  Thanks to you,  they are no longer.  Thanks to you, I have gained a fabulous friend; Kim and the children and I are getting together for a reunion in 2 weeks.

Kim and I have told this story over and over because it is a joyous validation that our loved ones have not passed away but are still right here with us! Even the most skeptical cannot dismiss your ability as "artful deduction" or "mindreading" when they hear this story, as I did not even have knowledge of Timmy's family to "read" into, never mind the "danger" part.  In this way, Elizabeth, you have helped dozens and dozens of grieving souls you will never even meet. Talk about the Power of One! Hugs.
Hope Padalino

Dear Elizabeth,
I want to thank you for my session with you!  It was amazing!  It answered so many questions and helped me a lot.  I was afraid of dying and the thought of there being nothing after this life.  I believed in Heaven, but was still afraid and you helped change that.  The session impacted my life and my family's life by helping us connect with our loved ones.  My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Nicole Amabile, Clifton Heights, PA

Dear Elizabeth,
I have wanted to write and tell you how much my family and I enjoyed our visit with you for some time now, but as luck would have it, some big changes have taken place since our visit, including a major move across country. In any event, I just wanted to share with you how comforting our session was to me. I must admit, I was truly impressed with the accuracy of the information you received from spirit. I have and will continue to highly recommend you to anyone who would like to hear from a loved one that has crossed-over.
Maryln Sass, Ohio

Hi Elizabeth
I just want to thank you for our session of Jan 7,08...I received so many messages for other people and delivered them...how wonderful to be able to bring joy and light to the lives of others who have loved ones on the other side....
I too received messages from my husband not only this time but the last session I had with you...I have heard that when you have multiple sessions that you hear the same thing..I beg to differ....to me it is like a telephone call home..I get to talk to people that I miss...it is never the same always new messages and conversation...I will continue to talk to the other side..I do it everyday..but not in the same way that I can talk through you....
God bless you always...and protect you for life...I know your Angels are many and your Guide helping you everyday....
Thank you again...

Jan Christensen

I'm writing this testimonial about Elizabeth Herrington so more and more people know and fully believe that without a doubt this girl is absolutely positively communicating with your passed loved ones! I knew she was the real deal when I came to one of her workshops. I brought a skeptical (but open minded) :-) friend that lost her brother a couple of years ago. When we both got home we wrote everything down that we remembered her saying and it covered a full page. The details very specific to their family... I'll just say that. :-) That's when I knew I just had to book a reading with her. Can you imagine the anticipation for months waiting on my own reading? Just knowing what was in store for me? :-) First off, I've never really lost anyone close to me. Sure, My grandparents died a few years apart from eachother, the funerals were very sad, we all cried. Life went on though. My life was not affected by it. So, I've never thought much about life after death. Until my father. He was taken so suddenly from a brain aneurysm and I was devastated. The next morning, knowing his wishes, we released him from the breathing machine that was keeping him alive long enough for us all to get there. For the rest of the day, it was as if I was walking around in a cloud. I was thinking "Daddy- where are you"? "Are you ok"? I just had to know he was alright.

Elizabeth Herrington gave me a reading and I brought my sister. Again, skeptical but open minded. Well, Elizabeth had her crying in about 2 mins flat. :-) Several names, dates, places. These things so specific to us that I could hardly hold my excitement in. Things that this woman could not possibly know about us. Not only do we know ole' Gordo-from-Flordo is alright, but he's young again, handsome, strong, healthy and still loving us and watching over us. I now believe these relationships don't just end. They even hear our conversations, and Daddy, I did go and get the Chanel No 5 :-) Thank you for taking care of my Bucky where you are. He was my dog when I was younger that I loved so dearly. That very night my sister and I went out to dinner and just sat there and laughed and cried... talking about our Daddy and the good old days, and it felt soooo good to know our Daddy is alright. :-) Thank you Elizabeth. :-) Even other dear passed relatives on our side and even her husband's side snuck in to say hi and I love you as well.

Elizabeth, you are an angel right here on earth. I truly believe the most beautiful gift one human being can give to another is peace of mind. There are so many lives shattered by the deaths of family and friends, that leave the living behind with questions, regrets, guilt, and what if's. I'm here to tell anyone that has loved and lost, get a reading with Elizabeth. :-) You'll be so glad you did. I feel so lucky to have been given that gift of peace to have that closure that I so desperately needed. God Bless you Elizabeth.
Jennifer Miller, Chalfont, PA

Hi Elizabeth,
I can't thank you enough for a very healing session. It has given me amazing peace. Much different from my very first time which was also healing but in a shocking kind of way. This time, I was prepared. It was so lovely to picture Allyson smiling and peaceful. And to picture her with the female relatives along my mother's line is an amazing comfort. Your words also calmed my anxiety about my life's journey. Although I don't relish the idea of a lengthy earth journey because of all of the losses that implies, it did serve me well to focus on what lies ahead. Knowing that my journey is long gave me a much needed "boost" to forge ahead with my life and put energy into a productive and even happy life. Knowing that my daughter is with me makes that seem much more possible than it has seemed in the 4 years since she passed. Thank you for being the kind, gentle soul that enriches your work and your profession. You are brilliant at what you do. With much affection.
Trish Myers

I would like to give a testimonial because you are so FABULOUS and really helped me!! Elizabeth Herrington is the real deal and is able to connect with your loved ones on the other side, even if it has been a while as in my case, my parents have been gone from this physical world for 30 years but from one reading with Elizabeth, I felt like I was speaking directly with my Father and it was like a "BIG HUG" from the other side.

I have always had faith in God and even have my own psychic abilities; however, one cannot do this for themselves.........my Father and Mother both came through and every single piece of information that Elizabeth imparted during our one hour session was so relevant that even now I am asking my family if they know certain names she mentioned, EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF INFORMATION IS EXACTLY TRUE and I thank God for the sincerity, clarity and gentleness in which Elizabeth delivered her information. She is without a doubt a special gift from God and I highly recommend her to anyone who has a loved one on the other side.

Thank you Elizabeth for all of your kindness and love and I wish you only the best and hope that God can grant you the strength to continue this good work which helps so many of us living right now in this physical world. With Love and God Bless! You are truly amazing!!
Marty Morris

Dear Elizabeth,
I just wanted to thank you for the reading you did for my wife and I back in December. It was very comforting to to hear from our departed loved ones. It was such a pleasure working with you. You put us in touch with my Dad who I was really hoping top hear from, Aunts and Uncles, and a neighbor who wanted to pass his love onto his wife. You also put us in touch with my wife's Dad, Grandmother, and cousin. The names and details you gave us were amazing and really put our minds at ease about those who have left us. You and your work truly are special gifts and we are so happy we found you. Once again, thank you!
Ed, Hatboro, PA

Dear Elizabeth,
My sister, brother-in-law & I truly enjoyed our visit with you on Friday. You have an amazing gift and God could not have chosen a sweeter, more genuine person to give that gift to. You are warm and your compassionate sincerity is awe-inspiring. My Dad and I felt that the first time we met you in March and you were a tremendous source of encouragement to both him & I that day. You brought through my Mom – who had recently passed (along with several others) and we knew (in our hearts) that Mom was indeed in that room with us. Your accuracy with names and details was exceptional.

So, it was not surprising to me when I returned on Friday with others from my family, that we would find those same wonderful feelings of love and comfort. It is much like receiving a postcard from someone far away who is thinking of you (but with much, much more information). Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us and others. You do it in such a way that there is no doubt that you give from your heart. May God bless you and your family.

And as one more comment, for those of you who may be skeptical….I promise….you will not be disappointed with a visit to Elizabeth. She is incredible.

P.S. Elizabeth, I meant what I said…..both my sister and I would definitely buy your book should you decide to write one! Good luck.
Susan Chambers

Dear Elizabeth,
It has been a few weeks since my reading and I still cry with tears of joy. How can anyone begin to thank you for the work you do. You have given me such peace and comfort and the answers to so many questions.

I had such a void in my life from losing not only my Father but a very close friend. I still miss them so much but I KNOW they are around me and I know they are still aware of what is happening in my life.

I cannot begin to explain the feelings that I had after my session with you ended. That hour went by so quickly and there is so much information in such a short time. I felt so calm and peaceful and I felt so much love from those close to me who had crossed over and I also felt so much love from you. I felt your genuine concern and I know that you are a gift from God.

I listen to the tape of the reading and I find myself at a loss for words because your information was so accurate and honest. I also caught so many things that I missed during the session....people who's names you mentioned and I cannot believe that I missed the connection! :)

(I am sure they are up there shaking their heads in disbelief that I could miss something so obvious!)

I also think twice when I make a purchase from QVC since my Father is apparently aware of my shopping habits!

In closing, I have to say that you have the most angelic voice and you have a laugh that makes me laugh right along with you. We only met by telephone but you are someone who I feel a very precious bond. I have had one reading in the past with another medium and although I did get information that I wanted, I did not feel the genuine love and compassion that I felt from you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. God Bless you Elizabeth.
Judy Peterson

Elizabeth Herrington is an incredibly gifted spiritual medium. I had a reading with her over a year ago and she brought through my uncle Carol and my cousin Jimmy. I never expected messages from them, but they were instrumental in my process of spiritual growth. They were my guides to awaken me to the true gifts that Elizabeth could offer my friends and patients. Since that time, she has been able to bring closure and peace to so many whose loved ones have passed over. She is a humble and amazing spiritual being.
Beth B. DuPree M. D.

Hello Elizabeth! You did a reading for me last Monday and I wanted to write you to say such a deep thank you for that time with you. Like a blossom, the effect of that reading has just opened up, and up, and up since the time we actually spoke. The comfort it has sent out to people, the messages you brought that spoke exactly to peoples' concerns...the effect of all you said has just expanded outward, and just continues to grow.

You scooted me ahead because that check had fallen out, and my later appointment kind of disappeared. And I'm maybe it was because the message you gave me for another person was so vital to them: when I relayed what you had said, she just started bawling like a baby, and said you had just spoken to the single question she had not had the courage to breathe outloud in 18 years (why her son had committed suicide) -- and it just rolled off your tongue with such complete understanding and accuracy. Her heart knew it was absolutely true, and all of a sudden the worry of 18 years was just relieved.

You told me so many things I really needed. And things you said to me at first I couldn't place but then later, had a "D'OH!!" experience where I realized what you were talking about. Not to mention...after "the link" had been broken, you were still trying to find my dog who had passed away. You kept seeing a two-tone dog with long legs -- and I kept saying "Nope, nope...not her," ... all the while looking at my NEW dog sleeping at my feet: a two-tone dog with very long legs we refer to as "ballerina legs"!

You are the real deal, and I send you so much appreciation for the great comfort and understanding that you give to people. Thank you so very much for my reading, Elizabeth. I feel very honored, and joyful and light for having had that opportunity to spend time on the phone with you.

Carie G., Colorado

Hi Elizabeth!
I just wanted to get back to you and let you know that so far, so good in regards to my mom. As always, you are right on target. My mom had one surgery and will go through another one probably within the next few months. Thanks again for your sweetness, your support, and kindness towards my mother and I. It was great seeing you and I am sure I will be contacting you again in the near future for another reading! Take care and I hope you are well.
Angela, Philadelphia


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